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The Dafli, also spelled as Dafle or Daf, is a traditional percussion instrument originating from the Indian subcontinent. It belongs to the category of frame drums and is widely used in various folk and classical music traditions across South Asia, particularly in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The Dafli is typically constructed with a circular frame made of wood or metal, and it is usually lightweight for easy handling. The frame is covered on one side with animal skin, traditionally goat or fish skin, which is stretched tightly and secured in place with nails or glue. The other side of the frame is left open.

To play the Dafli, the musician holds the instrument in one hand and strikes the drumhead with the fingers, palm, or a small stick called a "dap," producing a range of rhythmic patterns and sounds. The technique of playing involves a combination of tapping, rolling, and flicking motions to create different tones and dynamics.

In traditional music, the Dafli is often used to accompany vocal performances, dance, and other musical ensembles. It provides a rhythmic foundation and adds texture and depth to the music. The Dafli is also commonly featured in religious and spiritual ceremonies, such as Sufi gatherings and devotional music sessions.

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