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Eka-tantriVeena (south india)


The EkandaVeena, also known as the Eka-tantriVeena or the EkanthaVeena, is a unique Indian stringed instrument with a single string. Unlike the traditional SaraswatiVeena, which typically has multiple strings, the EkandaVeena is distinct due to its singular string.

This instrument is designed to have a resonating chamber, a neck, and a tuning peg, similar to other veenas. However, its simplicity lies in having only one main string that runs along the entire length of the instrument's neck.

Playing the EkandaVeena involves a unique technique where the musician plucks, strikes, or bows the single string to produce melodies and various tones. The instrument's single-string nature requires the performer to utilize different playing methods and techniques to evoke a diverse range of musical expressions.

The EkandaVeena is relatively rare and lesser-known compared to other veenas in Indian classical music. It holds a special significance due to its minimalistic yet challenging nature, demanding skill and dexterity from the musician to explore the full potential of a single string.

While the EkandaVeena might not be as widely played or recognized as other veenas in Indian classical music, its uniqueness and intriguing design contribute to the diverse array of stringed instruments within Indian musical traditions.