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The guitar is an iconic and versatile musical instrument that has a significant association with Spain, particularly through the development of the classical guitar and its traditional folk variants.

Spain played a vital role in shaping the modern classical guitar. The classical guitar, commonly associated with Spain, evolved from earlier stringed instruments like the lute and vihuela during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Spanish guitar makers developed its distinct shape, construction, and playing techniques, contributing to its prominence in classical music.

The modern classical guitar typically has six strings and a wide, flat body with a sound hole. It's played by plucking the strings with the fingers or using a pick, producing melodic and harmonic notes across a broad range.

Apart from the classical guitar, Spain is also known for its traditional folk guitars, such as the Flamenco guitar. The Flamenco guitar is an integral part of Flamenco music, a vibrant and passionate art form originating from the Andalusian region of Spain. The Flamenco guitar has a unique construction and playing style, incorporating percussive techniques, intricate fingerpicking, and emotional expression.

The Spanish guitar has had a profound impact on music worldwide, becoming a fundamental instrument in various musical genres beyond classical and Flamenco. Its versatility has made it a central element in genres like jazz, rock, blues, pop, and more.

Spanish guitar craftsmanship, playing techniques, and rich musical traditions have contributed to the guitar's global popularity and enduring legacy as a beloved and widely played instrument.