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The harmonium is a popular keyboard instrument with a set of reeds that produce sound through the vibration of air passing through them. It's a free-standing instrument with a small keyboard played with both hands.

This instrument is commonly used in Indian classical, devotional, and folk music, as well as in various global musical traditions. Its distinctive sound and portability have made it a staple in Indian music, often used for solo performances, accompaniment, and ensemble playing. 

The harmonium typically consists of a set of reeds, bellows, and a keyboard. The bellows are operated by the player using one hand, while the other hand plays the keyboard. The air from the bellows passes over the reeds when keys are pressed, creating sound. The keyboard usually has two sets of keys—one for the main melody and another for the drone notes or chords. 

One unique feature of the harmonium is its ability to sustain notes, creating a continuous sound when the keys are held down while the bellows continue to operate.

In Indian classical music, the harmonium is used to accompany vocalists, instrumentalists, and dance performances. Its ability to produce sustained notes and its harmonious quality make it suitable for supporting intricate melodies and adding depth to musical compositions.

Additionally, the harmonium's sound has religious significance and is commonly used in devotional music and bhajans (devotional songs) during religious ceremonies and gatherings.

The harmonium's versatility, melodic capabilities, and portability have contributed to its widespread use not only in Indian music but also in various musical genres globally. Despite debates about its origins and acceptance in classical Indian music, the harmonium remains a beloved and essential instrument in many musical traditions.