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Hawaiian Electric Guitar


The Hawaiian electric guitar, often referred to as the lap steel guitar, is a stringed instrument renowned for its smooth, gliding tones and its association with Hawaiian music. It is played by laying the guitar flat on the lap or on a stand and using a metal bar or slide to fret the strings rather than the fingers.

This instrument typically features a solid or hollow body, often made of wood or metal, with strings elevated above the fretboard. Unlike a traditional guitar, it lacks a raised neck, allowing for easier access to the strings while playing horizontally. The strings are usually tuned to an open chord, enabling players to create lush, resonant chords and melodies with the slide.

The Hawaiian electric guitar has a rich, evocative sound that is well-suited to conveying the melodic and emotive qualities of Hawaiian music. It has become an integral part of Hawaiian musical culture and is often featured in traditional genres such as hula music, slack-key guitar, and folk songs.

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