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The Kachua Veena, also known as the Tortoise Veena, is a unique and rare string instrument originating from India. This distinctive instrument is named after its resemblance to a tortoise, owing to its round-shaped resonator that mimics the shell of the tortoise.

The Kachua Veena belongs to the family of Indian classical string instruments and is characterized by its unconventional design. Its resonating body is crafted in the shape of a shallow, circular wooden shell, resembling the shell of a tortoise. The circular resonator is often covered with animal skin, enhancing the instrument's acoustic properties.

The strings of the Kachua Veena are typically made of metal and are stretched across the circular resonator. The instrument features a bridge where the strings rest, and they are played with the use of a wooden plectrum or by plucking them directly with fingers.

This unique veena produces a mellow and resonant sound that is distinctive and captivating. Its tonal quality and timbre offer a different auditory experience compared to other veenas and string instruments in the Indian classical music tradition.

While the Kachua Veena is not as widely known or played as some other classical instruments like the sitar or sarod, its unique design and distinctive sound contribute to its cultural and musical significance. Its rarity and uncommon appearance make it an intriguing instrument, often revered for its unique contribution to the diverse landscape of Indian musical heritage.