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The Madal is a traditional percussion instrument originating from Nepal. It is a type of hand drum, categorized as a membranophone, and is widely used in folk, classical, and religious music throughout the country.

The Madal consists of a cylindrical wooden body with two heads made of animal skin, usually goat or buffalo skin, stretched over the open ends. The heads are typically of different sizes, with one larger than the other. The drum is played by striking the heads with the hands, fingers, or sometimes with sticks.

What sets the Madal apart is its unique construction and playing technique. Unlike many other hand drums, the two heads of the Madal are not tuned to the same pitch. This asymmetry allows for a variety of tones and rhythmic patterns to be produced when played. Skilled Madal players can create complex rhythms and dynamics by alternating between striking the larger and smaller heads and using different hand positions.

The Madal is an integral part of Nepali cultural and musical traditions. It is commonly used in folk songs, dances, and religious ceremonies, as well as in classical music performances. The rhythmic patterns of the Madal often accompany traditional folk dances such as the Maruni dance and the Dandi Biyo dance.

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