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The Naal is a traditional Indian percussion instrument that belongs to the membranophone family. It's a barrel-shaped drum with two heads, one larger than the other, attached by leather straps or cords. The larger side, typically played with the palm and fingers, produces a bass sound, while the smaller side, played with the fingers or sometimes with a stick, produces a higher-pitched sound.

Originating from Maharashtra, the Naal has roots in the folk and classical music of the region. It's often used in traditional Maharashtrian music, folk performances, and religious ceremonies.

The drum is typically carved from a single piece of wood and has drumheads made from animal skin, usually goat or buffalo hide, stretched and secured over each end. The tension of these drumheads can be adjusted to achieve different tones and pitches.

The Naal is played in various rhythmic patterns, providing a strong and steady beat. It's often used to accompany folk songs, dances, and musical performances in Maharashtra. Additionally, it has found its way into other musical genres, including classical music and fusion compositions, due to its rhythmic versatility and distinctive sound.

The instrument's dynamic range, from deep resonant tones to sharp percussive beats, makes it a valuable component in traditional Maharashtrian music, enriching the rhythmic texture of performances and adding a vibrant percussive element to the music.