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Punjabi veena (mohanveena)


The Punjabi Veena, also known as the Mohan Veena or VishwaVeena, is an innovative slide guitar developed and popularized by PanditVishwa Mohan Bhatt, a renowned Indian slide guitarist. It's a hybrid instrument that combines elements of classical Indian music with the Western slide guitar.

The Punjabi Veena, developed by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, is essentially a modified lap slide guitar with sympathetic strings and additional resonators, designed to capture the nuances of Indian classical music. It features a series of drone strings, resonating strings, and main playing strings, which are plucked or strummed using a slide or steel bar to create melodic phrases.

This instrument's design allows for a versatile range of sounds, from delicate, melodious tones to vibrant and resonant timbres. The addition of sympathetic strings and resonating chambers helps create a rich and layered sound that resembles the tonal complexities of traditional Indian instruments like the sitar and sarod. 

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, a Grammy Award-winning musician, is credited with popularizing the Punjabi Veena. His pioneering efforts in developing and showcasing this instrument globally have significantly contributed to its recognition and adoption in both Indian classical music and world music fusion contexts.

The Punjabi Veena's ability to blend the melodic intricacies of Indian classical music with the expressive qualities of the slide guitar has made it a sought-after instrument in contemporary music. Its versatility and emotive potential have allowed musicians to explore a wide range of musical genres and collaborations, showcasing its adaptability and unique sonic capabilities on the global stage.