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Tanpura( northindia)


The Tanpura is an integral and iconic drone instrument in Indian classical music, providing a continuous harmonic resonance that supports and sets the tone for vocal and instrumental performances.

Resembling a long-necked lute, the Tanpura consists of a hollow resonating body with a curved wooden neck and four or five metal strings. Its design varies regionally, with different sizes and shapes, but it typically doesn't have frets on the neck.

The Tanpura is played with a technique called "plucking," where the strings are continuously plucked in a specific pattern to produce a rich and constant drone sound. This continuous drone serves as a reference pitch and provides a harmonic foundation for musicians to sing or play their compositions in the correct key and within the framework of specific ragas (melodic modes). 

The instrument's primary purpose is to maintain the tonal center and the specific notes of the raga being performed. Each string of the Tanpura is tuned to a specific note, often Sa (the tonic), Pa (the fifth), or a combination of notes depending on the desired mood or raga.

Tanpuras come in various sizes and pitches, each contributing different tonal qualities to the overall sound. While they traditionally accompany Indian classical music performances, they are also used in semi-classical, devotional, and fusion music.

The Tanpura's soothing and meditative drone creates a serene atmosphere, adding depth and resonance to musical renditions. Despite being a supporting instrument, its presence is fundamental in Indian classical music, providing a foundational structure and contributing to the mesmerizing beauty of this ancient musical tradition.